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Bow to the Masters......

D Jeneration X

12 August 1979
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Name's Jennifer, I'm 27 and trying to get my big feet into the professional world, though it's taking me a little while to do so. I graduated college in May 2005 with a degree in psychology and am currently temping as a sub associate in the school district during the day and working as a meat carver at Ryan's in the evenings.
I am a self-professed metalhead with an affinity for wrestling, LOTRs, books, Harry Potter, video games, and of course, Michael, my boyfriend of four and a half years. Beware.... I tend to post LOTS of wrestling, Bon Scott, and other pics of sexy men I'd like to tease.... heh heh :)

Let's be honest about me here.... I'm 5'10" and am well-proportioned with red hair and a big chest. I wear a size 12 shoe as well. I am a somewhat sensitive and shy person so I easily take offense to criticism, though there may be times that I can get smart back at ppl. I am a fangirl who also likes to post pics of all the wonderful men that she wishes to date.... but of course I know I don't even have a one in a million chance with these guys, so it's nice to dream :). And I may be getting married in a few years too :)


Mankind and his best pal Al Snow clowning around with Head and Mr. Socko :)

Lord of the Rings freak here.... have seen all of the movies at least five times and adore the books just as much. Favorite characters are Aragorn, Legolas, Pippin, Samwise and Eowyn.


Bon Scott. One of the sexiest and most talented singers in rock history. I miss you, my man, and ride on.


AC/DC in 1978, with Bon (center, with bottle). In my opinion, their very best stuff was recorded when he was with them.


Ronnie James Dio. Best damn singer that ever existed, he's 62 and puts most younger metal and rock vocalists to shame. His voice STILL sounds awesome after more than 30 years in the business.


Shawn Michaels. Best damn wrestling superstar ever.


Dave Batista.... certainly a man who wrestles as good as he looks :). Only I wouldn't like to be trampled by this man, that's for sure.


My favorite photo of Chris Jericho. How does he manage doing the Walls of Jericho, being the lead singer of Fozzy and looking as divine as he does??? Beats me.

Oh, and who can forget THIS man??


Mark Calloway, aka "The Undertaker". Old school Undertaker rules :)

Old School again!!!! DX in your face!!!

Also dig my RPGs too :)..... will be getting Guild Wars sometime soon, and am craving some Everquest too. My boyfriend is a DM for D and D so I've picked up quite a bit of knowledge of the series itself from him.

I'm NOT your typical frilly girly woman.... if you're looking for all that go to some other stupid ass journal on here. If you like wrestling, hard and heavy music, paganism and video games then by all means add me on :)