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Bow to the Masters......

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Aug. 16th, 2010 @ 07:42 pm
Too darn tired right now.....need to take a shower and go to bed soon.

May. 25th, 2010 @ 10:57 am
I'm healing ICC 10 on Wednesday night.... will be my first time there as a tank healer. Sooo nervous and need to run a buttload of heroics to get a few tier 9 pieces :(

Apr. 23rd, 2010 @ 02:21 am
Wonderful last few days its been..... WOW account got hacked early Wed morning :(. I log in and it asks for for an authenicator number, which I didnt have at the time. THen I go to look up my toons on the armory to find that most of my lower lvl toons have been stripped and deleted ;(. Tried to call Blizz billing and account services, but kept ggetting put on hold or they were busy so I just sent them am email.... hopefully they will get to it soon snd get that damn authenicator off my account. I just want to slap that mothereffers who did this to me.... I feel so violated *cries*

Apr. 16th, 2010 @ 01:51 pm
Holy hell I has a post on here!!! I havent posted on this in a year.... I'm mainly on facebook nowadays. I still work at a steakhouse here but want to go back to school eventually and maybe get my CNA license (little chicken to go for my RN since I know how much time that'll take). I restarted Weight Watchers this week and hopefully this time I can take the weight off for good...I've been starting off with walking long distances on my days off work and also riding my exercise bike. I lvled a toon to 80 in WoW, switched factions from alli to horde (my little 80 dwarf pally is now a blood elf, and my dwarf hunter is now a 76 male troll hunter). I like hordeside sooooo much better than alli (but I miss my guild terribly).... less immature idiots and ppl seem more mature and friendly there it seems.

Looks like its another Fri night at home again..... Mike has to go back to to ER @ 6am tomorrow for his last dose of antibiotics. I get to see him Monday though.... maybe he'll fix up a nice dinner for the both of us. More than likely tonight I'll be fooling around on WoW or Dragon Age tonight after I get off work..... my main is Jenmaree on Wyrmrest Accord for all those interested :)

Mar. 9th, 2009 @ 12:41 pm
Went to see the Watchmen last night....it was a great movie and I enjoyed the hell out of it. The nudity and violence was a bit much at times but I really dug the storyline and the whole dark anti-hero vibe the movie had. What I dont get is the reviews of the movie tend to focus on the mass violence and sex scenes of the movie, and how this movie is truly awful bc of this. People, this isnt a Superman or Spiderman-type where he ends up getting the girl in the end and things are back to normal when he defeats the bad guy. This one definitely had a much more gritty and realistic approach to it. It wasnt meant to be a kids movie in the first place. Hmmmm this is making me want to go out and pick up the book and give it a good read :)
I've been carless the last few days... car went out on me Thursday night on the way to see Mike and they're saying it may be my fuel pump :(. That'll leave me a good $200 in the hole, but Dad is paying for it and I'll pay him back when I get my tax refund. It may leave me good and broke for a while but I'll try and make the money stretch until I get the paycheck from CDAC.
I've been working on playing my lil dwarf hunter, Mynde, in Elwynn and will be starting her in Westfall sometime tonight. She tamed herself a nice little gray forest wolf from Elwynn Forest, named him Rocky. My guild's been talking about doing more raids with the higher lvls, which means I'm going to have to drag Jenmaree (my main - 71 pally) out more... she needs the nice new gear anyway and some good quality raid experience tanking and healing. Our guild doesnt have a lot of high lvl toons (maybe 10 of us are above lvl 60) so we dont really have a lot to work with. We're willing to give this a shot sometime soon.
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» (No Subject)
Yeah I come on here every day and read my FL, but I havent posted on this thing in god only knows :(. Whats have I been doing as of late?
Well I got a part-time gig as a CDAC provider for my younger sister, who has both autism and epilepsy. It means I get paid to help her do things like making her lunch, doing her laundry, toileting, among other things. I can only bill up to 1 hr a day/20 days a month but the extra money is something I really need right now. Got too too many bills coming out and not enough money coming in. The paperwork can be annoying at times (they expect you to be very detailed in what services you provide to the consumer that day).

In my spare time I've been playing lots of WoW - got my human pally up to 71 lvling in Borean Tundra, getting ready to head to Dragonblight once I hit 72 and finish all the quests for BT. All I can say is that Northrend lvling is soooo much more fun than leveling in Outland was. Theres better quest storylines and awesome gear, though I havent gotten a chance to update my weapon as of yet. And I think now I FINALLY have enough money to go get my epic pally mount :). Next step?? Start saving up for my flyer :)
» Writer's Block: Your First Record
What was the first music album you ever bought or owned? Do you still listen to it or have you moved on?

Whitesnake - 1987 (on tape)bought at the tender age of 9 (1988)

I bought the CD edition a few years ago and truly realized what a GREAT
album this is. David Coverdale imo has never sounded better than when he did the record.
» Writer's Block: Happy Friday
Since I'm done with most of my schoolwork.... (nearly 40 page design proposal for my senior graphic design class)... I will be indulging in some good old World of Warcraft (Bartik, lev 12 lood Elf Hunter on Zangarmarsh) part is that I have to work Sat night and Sun morning :(.
» Writer's Block: Saturday Night
Most Saturday nights five years ago were spent with my ex, either watching movies or fiddling around on the ps2. But I'm single again now, and I'm still busy enough with schoolwork, which is what I usually do after I get off work Sat nights.
» Writer's Block: Saturday Night
I work most Saturday nights and usually don't get home til about 10, and most times after that I'm usully catching up on homework or even sneaking in a little bit of WoW on the rare occasion.
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